Operational Sustainability® partners with DuPont Sustainable Solutions

March 31, 2014

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) – March 31, 2014

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) is launching a new holistic solution to managing process safety through an integrated, electronic platform, developed in partnership with Houston-based software company, Operational Sustainability, LLC (OS).

Unlike other available systems, OSSuite® is a customizable, real-time workflow management tool takes into account all the different interrelated elements of process safety management (PSM) to help companies with performance reviews and improvement of process safety as a whole. This solution effectively captures, summarizes and displays data in a way that brings clarity and meaningful insights. By applying the knowledge gained, operational leaders can reduce the frequency and severity of incidents, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The tool consists of individual modules, each addressing a PSM element that can be installed individually or as a whole, depending on client needs. And the modules are easy to integrate with existing systems. OSSuite® offers over 20 modules, including Incident Management, Mechanical Integrity, Management of Change, Management of Personnel Change and Process Hazards Analysis, among others.

"The DuPont PSM Data Management Solution is not simply a technical solution; it harnesses the depth and strength of DuPont knowledge and experience related to PSM," said Alfonsius Ariawan, DSS global solution architect. "Our experts help clients utilize this software solution to facilitate decision-making proactively to prevent incidents while ensuring that the knowledge is retained by the organization."

A refinery in Canada has implemented five of the OSSuite® modules. After working with DuPont Sustainable Solutions to improve its process safety management performance, the site recognized that a more robust PSM data collection and management system was needed. Specifically, the site required real-time information on the execution and linkage of work systems to understand whether process safety management systems were being effectively implemented. It also wanted to manage interconnected routine and non-routine work tasks more efficiently and effectively. With the help of DSS and OS, the refinery gained an integrated system that collects, manages, and reports PSM data in an insightful manner, which will help its leaderships with key PSM-related decision-making.

DuPont assists companies with creating a customized configuration of the software according to industry best practices, while OS provides technical support. Should PSM performance goals or standards change, DuPont will be able to modify the configuration of the program to ensure companies can continue to stay on track with current PSM best practices.

Operational Sustainability was founded to help industry address its operational risk management (ORM) needs. ORM is the next generation of operational excellence with the addition of risk transparency. OS's commitment to thought leadership in operational excellence has resulted in new and impactful software solutions that recognize and address the need for an enterprise approach. This approach uniquely and holistically assists users in identifying, analyzing and mitigating risks associated with assets, personnel, and operations. The stakeholders receiving measurable benefits include Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S), Reliability,Automation, Maintenance, Operations, Human Capital Management, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Process Safety and Planning / Capital Effectiveness. OS's goal is to help clients maintain asset integrity, prevent unplanned outages, avoid stock outs, manage workforce competency, enhance EH&S compliance assurance, increase profitability and protect shareholder value with the vision of achieving sustainable operations.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is one of 12 DuPont businesses. Bringing customers the benefits of an integrated global consulting services and process technology enterprise, it applies DuPont's real-world experience, history of innovation, problem-solving success, and strong brands to help organizations transform their workplaces and work cultures to become safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable. Additional information is available at: sustainablesolutions.dupont.com.

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